The sexiest man in Scotland…

…mind you, if we were to poke around the outer reaches of Scottish football, we would also tap around the fact that I’m now old enough to enjoy looking back at my eras fashion disasters. Oh how much hilarity we ascribed to the fashion disasters of the 80s!


We did that by swanning around in Scotlands rather strange white away shirt that looked like somebody had thrown paint on it, and by wearing our new gen, highly flammable shell suits – as modelled by Ally “Coisty” McCoist. Coisty is all over Scotlands 1991 programme against Bulgaria, staring out blankly from the cover, participating with Andy “king of the kids” Roxburgh at a weans day out, and generally enjoying being Scotlands reigning sexiest man. Bulgarias sexiest man, Plamen Getov, simply can’t compete…


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