1978 World Cup “Burds” Special Part 2

Ah 1978, stamped on the Scottish psyche like Blackpool is on a piece of cheap rock candy…what went wrong? As a young “wee wean” playfully gambolling on an Ayrshire beach playing “run away from the toxic waste” I would say to my cousin “Did you people REALLY go and watch a bus go round Hampden? And pay 50p for the chance? There wasn’t even a game on?” and he would of course tell me yes, there was a World Cup Send Off where the Scotland team did indeed go round Hampden in a bus to widespread acclaim…of course, after that send off, we promptly got stuffed by Peru in the first game. As the old Only an Excuse cassette joke went, it was in the tea leaves. Peru. Iran. Scotland. Holland. The first letters of each team spelled out our teams efforts – PISH…



What better way though could you commemorate such a typically Scottish roller coaster ride than by purchasing and then cherishing your official 1978 World Cup medallion, as modelled by two strapping young footballers (first time Sandy Jardine has been called strapping I guess) and a fabulous 1970s “burd”…I often wonder how many of these things are out there, and weren’t discarded via being chucked out of a window post the Iran game…good times…precious memories…


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