McCoist pulls a burd…

Ah Glasgow Rangers, you either love them or hate them. However, in the midst of cheery “this David Murray era is brilliant” blackslapping from The Gers 1989 programme vs Stranraer in the Scottish Cup, we find Scotlands best looking man Ally McCoist doing his best moves on a tough “burd” to crack…


Yes, that old charmer Mrs T, Scotlands most beloved figure, wowed Ally by, well, talking about football really. This was part of Mrs Ts 3 year assault on Scottish football, after she presented the Scottish Cup to Celtic (you can imagine how well that went), then met Ally and had a chat, then came back in 1990 to do the cup draw about 4 rounds in advance. This meant St Mirren could see a clear path to the semi finals – Ayr United, Clydebank, Stirling Albion…what could go wrong! We also bet the person who’s arm is in shot was “beeling” that no one got to see her…


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