Win a Walkman with Manchester United

For reasons that are beyond me a) I have two Manchester United programmes from 1989 even though b) I hate Manchester United irrationally…then c) both are home games against Millwall as if I had been in the Millwall club shop or something and d) both times the answer to the previous weeks “guess the mystery Manchester United player” competition is Billy Garton. No, me neither. What’s interesting (and we may explore this later) is the tentative steps in the programme towards Uniteds commercial juggernaut instincts. There’s some tentative “buy some tat” adverts, Lee Sharpe smilingly flogging a club bag, some strange looking 80s jackets, that kind of thing. However for today, I thought we would look at Manchester Uniteds weekly competition…



It’s such a beautiful moment of simplicity – guess who the player is (got me – Billy Garton?), write in to Pauline, and win a walkman. What a beautiful moment it was, and what a great day for Pauline sorting out the entries. We salute you Pauline, before the tides of commercialism swept such glorious competitions away…


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