The mysterious blue cabinet of Freja FC


Having dipped a toe into the world of Scandi programmes with Elfsborg, it’s worth noting another wonderful programme I don’t remember buying from Freja FC vs Holbaek (home banker) – there’s a couple of things to note. With maybe 1 exception the whole programme is 100% blue which makes some of the adverts totally unreadable (I think there’s one for a model toy shop, you can judge soon), there’s an ad for a pipe shop which is something you don’t see every day, there’s an ad where a woman is groping a mans arse, and then at the back there’s this mysterious solitary blue cabinet, which looks like the least glamourous thing in the world. Especially next to a withering dying plant. With marketing and PR like that, I hope TM Line are still kicking around, but I doubt it…


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