Joe Tortolano gets a tan…

IMG_0001-page-001 (1)


Date: 16/09/1989

Programme: Hibernian vs St Mirren

Do people still get instant tans from a tanning bed? The last instant tan salon I saw was while being ferried in a dodgy Manchester cab to the airport – we don’t have them in Australia. In fact the last time I heard anyone even mention an instant tan was when Karl Pilkington told that story about the old woman who’s insides rotted from being on a tanning bed for too long. However, 24 years ago, tanning was all the rage. As we’ve seen from Mrs Iain Ferguson, tans were in, really representing that “I’ve just been frazzled in Benidorm” look. And so in that spirit of the age, what better time to showcase Hibees John Collins and self styled “mad shagger” Joe Tortolano plugging the Electric Beach tanning salon in the late 80s. Money was tight at Hibs at the time, so when Joe needed to get his tan on, it was definitely better to get a freebie…


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