Ratko, the legend continues…

As found from the twitter account of http://thinwhitelinemagazine.com/ and originally I believe found in a 1983 copy of “Soccer Action” (a NSL magazine featuring endless comparisons of local players to foreign superstars (ie – “Is Mike Jankowicz the NSLs Gerd Muller) and posted on an early prototype Melbourne Victory message board, this is a semi legendary ad posted promoting the coaching skills of Ratko Crnic. It is unexplained why he wants England to be at the top of World Football, but it’s hard to doubt that if your team wants the secret to success, Ratko is the man. In fact, if Danny Lennon is fired at some point this season, I will be forwarding this ad to New St Mirren Park post haste. Where are you now Ratko? We need you…



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