Mark Walters gets a free motor…


Date: 23/10/1988

Programme: Rangers vs Aberdeen (Skol Cup Final)

I was idly flipping through a Skol Cup Final programme the other day, reminiscing about the Aberdeen vs Rangers League Cup final trilogy, quite what happened to that fad of large inflatable sumo wrestlers meeting on the pitch head on, and enjoying Drew Jarvies magnificent combover, when I came across this advert. Mark Walters of course, then is his Scottish Premier League tormenting pomp, but also Vince, giving away another free car from Audi. There’s really no evidence Mark Walters got a free car here, as Vince simply turned up in the Ibrox gym in a shell suit and posed for a happy snap, but we presume Vince was a man of his word. A man who spends so much time crafting such laboured “copy” surely would be worth trusting right. I also know for a fact that he never gave anyone at St Mirren a car…


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