Denmark vs Czechoslovakia, 1973…

Date: 02/05/1973

Programme: Denmark vs Czechoslovakia

To be honest with you, I know some people like their images short and sharp, but I couldn’t pass this post without a short comment on the magic of Denmarks home programme with Czechoslovakia from 1973. For one thing, in an early example of sponsorship, Denmark are sporting some truly boss 7Up tracksuits, there’s a publishing house advert with a “bawdy” cartoon, a clown appears to predict whether Denmark will win, and Gordon Banks turns up at one point. We’ll definitely be returning to this programme at some point, but for now, enjoy this retro Shell advert, featuring a black gloved Shell Chauffer back in the days when people pumped your gas for you, and a fantastic retro shirt all hipsters should aspire to on Kresten Bjerre…



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