All the top pop groups tour – Wembley, MSG, Fir Park…


Date: 10/03/1990

Programme: Motherwell vs Dundee United

I know no one will care about this one but me, but I like it, and it’s my blog, which is a good thing. There’s something about this picture that has always made me laugh even back in 1990. Pop is supposed to be otherwordly, it’s supposed to be out of the realms of mere mortals…pop band aren’t supposed to be on the pitch at Fir Park teaming up with a financial services company. What an unlikely set of circumstances this must have been – the River Detectives of course had one minor hit (they were the River City People of 1990) and best of all, I was there…not for that picture, but they did wave to the crowd to mass apathy before this Dundee United game. This was a game where “Scotlands top whistler” (c Daily Record) Les Mottram made Motherwell take a free kick 3 times because it was two inches from where it was meant to be taken. As I said, it’s just a photo I like, and normal services will resume shortly…


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