Hand drawn Football Programme Covers age badly…

Just a wee quick post while we’re at it – hand drawn football programme covers generally go badly. I mean sure, push the boat out, be creative, but also be prepared to have your artwork criticised…this is exhibit A…


Celtic vs Germinal Ekeren (my Belgian team for anyone listening) – not great, probably not as bad as I think it is, but pretty bad still. Particularly for the poor guy screaming his head off in the ATAG shirt…but nowhere near as bad as…


What the hell was going on here? It’s a pop art nightmare, as a man tries to kick a ball that’s already behind him, there’s a guy in a Scream mask, more fans behind him in Scream masks, a grey pitch in the middle of the main guy with people running through his chest while he contorts his face in some sort of Peter Cook style, some worried fans, some disco dancers in the background…truly a surrealist nightmare…at Bournemouth of all places, for the visit of glamorous Swindon. Soon, Arry Redknapp would put an end to all this surrealist nightmare nonsense by bringing some meat and potatoes English football to Bournemouth…and best of all, it’s not a programme, it’s a “journal” because that’s what progressives write…the lesson is still, stick to pictures of footballers and we’ll all be OK…


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