Meet The Sheringhams…

You know that last post was 1996 editions of “90 Minutes” laddish, so let’s restore some family values with a picture thats a little less Sid James and promotes good old fashioned family values…


No not THAT one, although that Fox/Fox in the Box pairing was actually a cover of laddish era 90s Minutes magazine – I mean THIS Teddy Sheringham picture…

Date: 07/01/1989

Programme: Millwall vs Luton Town


Yes long before Teddy/Edward Sheringham was getting pissed in the dentists chair, er, pissed at a Hong Kong Sevens tournament, and cavorting (a word you only ever see in tabloids) with model burds and everything (c Frank McAvennie) he was a humble First Division Footballer in slip on shoes at Millwall, leading an unlikely Lions charge at the First Division title, posing with his wife and his cheeky faced wean on a small couch somewhere in Bermondsey. Strangely, the article is unique in it doesn’t give the name of Mrs Sheringham or the child, but it does breathlessly announce that Aberdeen have made a strong play for Teddy. To think the partnership he could have formed with Bett, Connor, Gillhaus and Van Der Ark…


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