Everton invite you to Meet The Hamiltons…

Date: 20/11/1976

Programme: Everton vs Derby County


So far in this blog we’ve met the Thijssens, Scotts, Sheringhams and Kerrs among others, and since we seem to have a fascination with family shots, why not take a moment to meet the Hamiltons while we’re at it. Found while pottering around trying to work out my E-bay purchases (essentially deciding between the Spice Girls 90 Minutes cover and an Aston Villa programme where the trainees are mopping up) this gem features old Bryan heading off for an international while the missus packs his socks and jocks and his wee wean looks on – the other thing to note of course is this is from Evertons 1976/77 season, the one we wrote about before with Evertons mad scientist cover. A scan of E-bay reveals one cover which is just a Granada TV camera, and one which is a man strolling down the road with a briefcase – and this was also the season where at Notts County the programme was edited by Benny Hill. Truly, a golden age…


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