Gary Linekers Cue To Success

You might remember if you frequent this blog that Fantasy Football League squeezed at least a minute of comedy out of old footballers publicity shots, and several more minutes out of Gary Linekers friendship with snooker player Willie Thorne, which also featured mocking of one of the greatest VHS tapes ever made, “Best Of Friends”, the official story of Willie and Garys friendship. Although I sadly can’t get this any bigger (I will keep trying) there is a photo out there that combines both features…


Containing Gary at a fruit market his Dad owned or summat, Gary playing for Leicester, and of course photographic evidence of the famous friendship, this is the kind of photo that sadly is long gone from modern magazines. As someone burned badly by Gary Linekers Hotshot on the Amstrad (with real 90 minute games……) I wouldn’t have bought it. But I do enjoy the fruit…I hope if I read the copy one day, it contains at least one fruit pun. Ha, Cue to Success, see in snooker you need a…ah forget it…


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