The trophy you could all own (unless you were Ian McAllister)

Date: 11/10/1990

Programme: Ayr United vs Dundee (B&Q Cup Final)

The first cup final I ever went to was the 1989 World Cup Final for Under somethings (17s?) 19s?) between Scotland and Saudi Arabia – we lost on penalties, most of the Saudi Arabian team had moustaches (and one was bald) and the Saudi team all went out to nightclubs in Glasgow that night claiming to be 25. That we were “gypped” is undeniable. The second one caused slightly less angst. I went with my pal to see Ayr United vs Dundee in the final of the Centenary Cup. Now known as various things like The Ramsdens Cup (St Mirren won it when it was when it was the Challenge Cup) it pits Scotlands lower league teams against each other in a Cup competition. Amazingly, when The Rangers face Raith (it is Raith yeah) in this years final, it’ll be pretty much 24 years since the first final. And I think you’ll agree, it came from humble beginnings, as Scotlands League celebrated it’s centenary by letting teams compete for a crystal decanter you could buy at B&Q…



Now the programme claims the trophy is handcrafted Waterford Crystal, which may be, but it was also worth from memory about 20 quid when you could buy it out of a catalogue or at your local B&Q. Thus, I honestly believe this is the only football trophy you could buy and pretend you win and it was absolutely genuine, not a replica. So when Ally Graham, Henry Templeton and David Purdie trooped to get Ayrs losers medals, the bus on the way home could pull up near a big roundabout at Irvine, and 20 quid later, you could sneak it in the trophy cabinet…..


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