Aberdeen – Here We Grow with Abtrust

For those who like their images short and sharp…

Date: 20/04/1991

Programme: Aberdeen v Motherwell


If you were wondering why this is included other than it’s a rare break in what seemingly austere programmes from Aberdeen and Dundee United (in this case, the photo is from the former, while the latter has a Jim McLean “no funny photos” policy that stretches down the years), well there is a “burd” in it, and I presume the players got some free tat out of it. Although unlike the people at Millwall who got a suit or Mark Walters who got a motor, it’s not as cool to get financial advice and a unit trust….and it’s not even that I’ve thought (much) about the weird arms behind the back school way they’ve made the players pose in front of the cups…no it’s included because it’s always bugged me who the hell other bloke next to Scott Booth was. I honestly had no idea…this was an era I went to football in Scotland every week, and I genuinely couldn’t place the wee ginger. This was an era of Connor, Bett and my favourite Willem Van Der Ark. They’ve plumped for (drumroll)…Graham Watson. In fairness Graham did play in the 1990 Cup Final team, but honestly, that’s bugged me for ages and finding that ad, I had to google who the hell it was. Anyway, you can enjoy the ad for what it is otherwise…


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