Indoor League version 2.0

Date: 28/02/1978

Programme: Birmingham City vs West Brom

Most people my age have at the very least seen a clip of or heard about Yorkshire Televisions old show “Indoor League”, a show best described as “drab”, as people in brown drank pints of real ale, Fred Truman insinuated all people from the South were effeminate, and people played “real” games like bar billiards, shove ha’penny, or ladies darts. Well luckily, the era of drab indoor sports wasn’t confined to Yorkshire television, or indeed the mid 70s. Oh no, because in Birmingham, they turned over 2 pages of their programme to a report on the Skittles League. I think you’ll agree, the results, presented without further comment, are quite amazing…I normally hate the “uncategorized” category, but in this case…




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