One of the greatest games ever played…


A lot of people do ask you if you like football (or probably any sport) “what’s the best game you’ve been too” or “what’s the biggest crowd you’ve ever sat in and I could regale you with tales of Motherwells 4-3 epic cup final win vs Dundee United or St Mirrens 4 zip win over Celtic, but if the conversation ever turns to “what game would you have liked to have attended” it is ALWAYS one answer – Tony Curries testimonial. TCs United All Stars vs the Dennis Waterman Showbiz XI, the 5th of October 1986…

There aren’t many games or programmes that are MUST HAVE – I’ve provided a few examples, but this is the lost gem of my collection, misplaced as a Youth like a throwaway magazine wondering if Dixon or Hateley was the answer to Englands problems. I had it, and it’s gone. All the remains then is to write about it, for there are several things here. First of all, Miss Sheffield United is involved. Alas, Google Image search while providing you with all the LOLCATZ you can handle, can’t serve up a decent image of any of the contestants or Ms Sears. Which for someone running a James Bowlam esque blog of “burds” is proving frustrating. Secondly, the half time draw to win a 400 quid video recorder to tape that nights Only Fools and Horses was actually part of Sheffield Uniteds fund raising/club saving efforts at the time, lest you think no research goes into this thing. Thirdly, Paul Heaton (then of the Housemartins, later of The Beautiful South) played in the game, so Smash Hits sent a camera crew to record two pages of amazing 80s imagery which you can find elsewhere on the Interwebs, at and Among the Housemartins was the future Fatboy Slim Norman Cook, who got to meet George Best, so there’s that too, and rather insultingly Tony Currie is called “some bloke”…and finally, just LOOK at the Denis Waterman XI…


Gemmell, Bremner, Best, Worthington, Geoff “only man to score a hat-trick etc etc” Hurst…backed up by Paul Heaton, Joe Elliott from Def Leppard, team captain Dennis Waterman and for f*ck knows what reason Bill McMurdo…truly, one of the greatest games ever played, certainly my favourite testimonial. Much as I wish Stan Petrov all the best, “the wee boy out of One Direction” just isn’t cutting it in this company….


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