Spend a Day at the Den then a night at the Dogs

Date: 09/10/1984

Programme: Millwall vs Chelsea

If we’ve sort been a bit Millwall centric in the last few days, it’s purely co-incidental. Although I do want to go find some of those old Total Football/95 ish programmes when they signed Yuran and Kulkov to see what the hell was going on then. Anyway, Millwall vs Chelsea in the milk Cup 1984. It was a game that had people on edge, and the Six O’Clock show sent Danny Baker down to the Den to film a game of Blow Football on the pitch between the fans with “hilarious” results. If there was any tension in the air though, you wouldn’t find it in the Millwall programme from that day – George Graham was looking forward to the game, some old boy spoke about how London teams were booming, and Millwall were planning a fund raising night at the dishlickers…


There’s a couple of things to note – in the middle beneath an old boy letter about young hooligans spoiling it for the rest of us, you’ll see the Millwall squad getting some free tat from a bloke from Mr K Meanswear – and if there’s one thing we love nearly as much as fabulous football “burds” (sorry Lily) it’s footballers either flogging or getting free tat. Down below is an invitation to attend Millwalls night at the dogs, which if I know greyhound races as I do, would probably be attended by a lot of people with their jackets over their heads trying not to be seen. A winning dog could fetch a gallon of whisky, which is a quantity I’ve never heard for whisky. All in all, between the letter, the dogs, and the free tat, it was a great time for Millwall. And for anyone who got to drink the gallon of whisky I wouldn’t be surprised….as a special bonus image, here’s their sponsor ad from 1984, working with the London Docklands Development council to regenerate the area and shoot for the stars…



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