John Kosmina talks Quantum Physics

Date: 02/11/2002

Programme: Brisbane Strikers vs Marconi Stallions

I don’t anything from the NSL days of Australian “soccer” – save for the memory of Henry Mowbrays moustache and the programme from Australia vs Scotland in 1985. What I do have though is this programme from the Brisbane Strikers and Marconi in 2002, and these quite amazing programme notes. Most programme notes are totally skippable, containing we/lost won reflections, then “support your team today” – not John Kosmina though. Not Kossie…he went a different way…


Having established that most of his messages have a subliminal quality, Kossie goes on to talk about the concept of guilt, tie it to the fact his son Isaiah has no concept of guilt, make a quick diversion to the Old Testament, then wrap it up with a quick summation of a book he read called the Isaiah Effect and how Quantum Physics is going to help them get buy Dominic Longo and the Stallions. It is a masterwork. I typed it out in the days of yore and sent it to Mediawatch on @F365 and they printed it in it’s entirety with the summation “Bloody Hell”…that’s my reaction to a tee…


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