And finally tonight – Rotherham Kits, birds and motors

Date: 26/11/1991

Programme: Rotherham vs Scunthorpe

I know this qualifies as tonights “short and sharp” entry to finish off, but I have a quick story to tell. When I was younger I used to write to football clubs and see if I could scav a free programme off them for my collection. Something to do, in the Irvine wilderness. Anyway, Rotherham sent me one for free from their club shop, but I think they made a mistake as they sent me signed by Ally Pickering, and it’s from the first FA Cup tie to end on a penalty shoot out, so for free they sent me something valuable. I made up for it by buying 3 Rotherham shirts over the years in a fit of guilt…including this one…it’s time for tonights quick “burds” photo of the night, as we check in on Rotherham, and some burds selling motors beneath the team line up….



That’s actually a little bit of a teaser for the amazing delights of the Rotherham club shop page…but that’s for another day…


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