Meet the Macleods…

Date: 13/04/1986

Programme: Celtic Supporters Association 41st Annual Rally

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, we like to start you out gently when we do posts, and if there’s one thing we’ll need today given two of the four posts (well 3 if I put up the Neil Ruddock one) it’s a little bit of feel good family fun. As you know we do like in addition to our usual fare of fabulous “burds” that could come from The Likely Lads, we like to assemble a compendium of old fashioned family shots, the kind you don’t see from footballers any more. So after meeting the Kerrs, Thijssens, Sheringhams and Scotts, from a Celtic supporters rally brochure, why not get off to a gentle start by meeting the Macleods!



After this serene slice of mid 80s Glaswegian terraced life with some cheeky weans and a bloke spouting a load of platitudes about Celtic, why not enjoy this bonus image of Murdo speaking at possibly the formal and unglamorous looking function imaginable, coming to you from a scout hall somewhere near Pollok…



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