Razor Ruddock – Supermodel

Date: 31/10/1996

Programme: Liverpool vs FC Sion

As a mild confession to you, I am sort of a lapsed Liverpool supporter. I kind of fell for that whole Fowler/McManaman etc can dominate English football and do it while wearing ecru and jazzy gold away shirts. Of course it never really worked out as they were pounded by the prosaic functional Manchester United, and having a crap goalkeeper. There was that…history has now labelled that team as sort sort of clotheshorse nightclubbing Spice Boys, but there was Razor Ruddock, and if there’s one person you can’t imagine modelling, it’s Razor Ruddock…


Well stand corrected on that one, because Razor pitched in at one point to flog some “leisurewear” tat for the Reds. He even roped the weans in to throw some shapes, including his daughter Millie who’s gone for the hatching a ball pose. You could also buy the way at “Liver-World” buy the Liverpool Video magazine which promises a feature of David James first crush. Apparently it was Manchester United given how many gifts he gave them…sorry, still bitter…


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