A generic Gordon Banks bobs up in Denmark

Date: 02/05/1973

Programme: Denmark vs Czechoslovakia

To be honest with you, the programme for Denmarks home international with Czechoslovakia could spawn a spin off blog such is its charm/strangeness/sherry ads with bearded blokes. We’ll return to it at some point, but one of my favourite things about it is right in the middle, a generically dressed Gordon Banks turns up to flog some tat…


Looking a bit more like a bloke pottering around his garden in a green polo shirt than an elite keeper, Gordons relationship to these 70s shoes is not known due to my lack of Danish, but I think you’ll agree, you could easily get away with wearing some Select Tepa Training Art shoes down the 5 a sides to this very day, so he gets a pass. The best thing is, Gordons random appearance is the most normal thing about this entire programme. We’ll get to the publishing house advert…but that’s for another time…


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