Sammy Lee gets a washing machine…

Date: 18/01/1983

Programme: Liverpool vs West Ham United

As I’m sure you know by now, this blog works hard to provide you with 3 staples: shots from the era of the fabulous football “burd”, family snaps from the golden era of football, and last but not least, footballers getting and flogging tat. One thing we haven’t really touched on though is the glory days of the “man of the match” award. And no man of the match award was more coveted surely than those acquired by that glorious Liverpool team of the 80s. If you stood out in a game in that iconic red shirt, the rewards must have been plentiful. Well lets have a look…



Top image is top telly punter Mark Lawrenson getting a clock as man of the match – but our main focus is on Sammy Lee (or he’s always known “Little” Sammy Lee) being rewarded for an evening of selfless toil against Arsenal by being given a washing machine. It’s the kind of reward we’d like to see someone from UEFA step up and give Ronaldo or Neymar one day – it also appears to have some washing powder inside it on closer inspection, so they’ve thought of everything! Unfortunately for the man from Rumbelows, he was out of a job by 1995, so we hope we enjoyed the rosette…


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