Wallace Mercer buzzing around…



Date: 22/10/1988

Programme: Heart Of Midlothian vs Celtic

As you know, we like to give you a gentle start to the day, so lets go back to the very programme this blog is named after, where Heart Of Midlothian vaulted Manchester United in the commerce department by devoting a whole page to Iain Ferguson getting a motor and giving the opening comments to chairman Wallace Mercer, they also featured a nice little ad of Wallace getting a bang up to date modern phone from Novafone. As far as I can tell Novafone don’t exist anymore which I just can’t work out given they got such a popular Scottish figure as Wallace Mercer to plug their phones. Also, I’m not sure Wallace is really driving a car so much as sitting on one of those little kiddie car rides you see outside of Tescos. But still, he got a free phone out of it, so god bless him for that…


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