Continuing that Shoot/Loaded comparison



We’ve mentioned already how Shoot! Magazine prosaic “Shilton or Clemence! Actually they’re both brilliant!” text and free gifts like league ladders and tabs actually hid a serious of articles and photos that would make Loaded magazine in it’s Zoe Ball/Daniella Westbrook prime feel a bit lacking in the “laddish” department. We’ve also mentioned how the ever excellent is pretty much doing my job for me – well we can combine the two again with this “summer holidays” feature. On the left, Paul Fulcher in a pair of painted on pants is sprayed by his bikini clad missus, about 3 seconds before a fully fledged Benny Hill chase broke out around the back garden. And on the right, the manly tache of Graeme Souness, who couldn’t wait for his “companion” (wink wink) to arrive bar he was pulling the burds. And this was in Shoot! Magazine! I can never look at those Shoot! annuals in the same way again….


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