This mornings fabulous football “burd” – it’s Millwall again?

Date: 16/09/2004

Programme: Millwall vs Ferencvaros

My E-bay purchases are sadly somewhere in transit when I was so excited to be bringing to the blog the mystery of “Delly McManus – Model wife”…ah, Australia Post, what are you like. What this blog is basically like is some of weird mix of a horrendous family album and a post 96 edition of 90 Minutes magazine. So to tide people over until I can dip back into the bucket tonight, why not enjoy your morning fabulous football “burd” – this time from Millwall….hang on, Millwall AGAIN? Yes, we seem to be a bit Millwall heavy lately. I’m going to go on a West Ham buying spree next week just to provide balance…


In fact, speaking of counterbalance I think I should do something for any female readers (although you did get Souness, you lucky people) – I’m thinking Les Briley, in profile? That’d be a treat….also, could they have put the poor girl in a less glamorous “Ackney Marshes” change room? Nothing says “saucy” like filthy change room walls…


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