Sammy Baird and his fabulous wig…

Date: 16/03/1988

Programme: Rangers vs Steaua Bucharest


If there’s nothing I like more than a retired Scottish footballer owning a pub, it’s a retired Scottish footballer who’s simply referred to as “big”…so here’s “Big” Sammy Baird of the Rangers living the dream by pulling a pint in his Bo’Ness pub in the late 80s, as he got to reflect on Rangers European nights of the past. Brilliantly the article itself refers to Sammy (sorry Big Sammy) enjoying puffing on his pipe. Not enough men these days enjoy a pipe. Bring it back I say. Anyway, there’s a chance Sammy might, just might, be wearing a wig…not sure…it’s a possibility…but if you had some tobacco to share and a few hours, the big man would be happy to spare a few memories…good times…the dominoes on the doors are also a superb touch…


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