Spend some time at the Raith club shop…

Date: 10/05/1997

Programme: Raith Rovers vs Hibernian

The programme after a team is relegated is always a sad one to read. Sure it’s full of positive “we’ll be back” vibes and plenty of positive sentiments, but it’s still a depressing read. It’s like being at a crap party where people are trying to lift the mood and failing miserably. Still, this being the blog we are, while we sympathise with Raith after their relegation of yore, we’re more focussed on the fashions – so let’s spend a moment in the club shop…



For reasons I’m not sure of, Raiths tartan strip hasn’t become as famous or iconic as Mortons, and the goalie top is a classic of 90s football shirt styling – just throw a tin of paint on that sucker and it’s a hit. I will admit I don’t know who the random player is behind the counter in full kit, but it reminds me once again I bought a lovely Arsenal programme from a plainly bored Oleg Luzhny back in the day. More players should work in club shops – in fact I demand it from now on…


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