That bloody panda…

Date: 22/10/1988

Programme: Wimbledon vs Manchester United



It wasn’t always easy being a football fan – you kids today with your FIFA14 and your all seater stadiums – get off my lawn! We also had “forced fun” at our games. I know the Piranhas after every goal must be annoying, but if you were a kid, there was no more “forced fun” than your parent or guardian pushing you forward to get some Panini stickers or a sweetie from the dreaded and long forgotten DJ Bear. DJ Bear used to be a furry mascot the authorities used to inflict on us to make us all feel good about the football we were about to endure. He would sometimes even dance – I remember him as being a corporate shill for Match magazine and or/Panini. My only time seeing him was at Fir Park one day – Davey Bowman tried to take his head off with several “mishit” crosses….just by the by, I’m really disappointed in this Wimbledon programme! Where’s the crazy photos! It’s as dull as St Mirrens – very disappointing…


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