The glamorous world of Darren Eadie…

Date: 06/10/1993

Programme: Norwich City vs Bradford City

I’m sure by now you’d be aware that football and commercialism go hand in hand – over time, certain players become associated with certain companies. Messi, Ronaldo, poster boy for crested bags Lee Sharpe…all big earners because of their commercial deals. And Darren Eadie of course…what, you don’t know about the lucrative kit sponsorship Darren Eadie had with Hi Span Limited! They employ 78 personnel and specialise in supplying galvanised purlin and cladding systems to structural engineers! None of your Nike and Adidas nonsense for Darren – he got right to the source…



My other very favourite thing about certain programmes is the way they capture a moment in time – a big glamorous fixture never to be forgotten. This one isn’t that, it’s from Norwich vs Bradford in the Coca Cola Cup (some seats still available) but flip two pages back and you’ll find a travel guide on how to get to Bayern Munich…truly, amazing times at Norwich…


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