Guess what Mark Robins drinks…

Date: 06/10/1993

Programme: Norwich City vs Bradford City


Mark Robins – best remembered for saving Alex Fergusons job back in “the day”. Not in this house – no I remember him best for this quite remarkable plug for Lucozade from the Norwich City programme. What I like about this is twofold – firstly I like, nay love, the early years of the Premier League jumpers which I suspect fetch a pretty price on E-bay. Secondly, I love just how many references to Lucozade they’ve squeezed into one ad. They sure got their moneys worth the Lucozade people…there’s Lucozade everywhere…ad copy, being hold, in the tray, on the sign, on the Premier League jumpers…you don’t need to ask what this is an ad for do you? Between this and the glam world of Darren Eadie, Norwichs commercial department was doing a great job, and deserved a drink…you can guess which one…



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