Manchester United – the cassingle years



Date: 23/05/1991

Programme: Argentina vs USSR

As originally scanned in at and found completely by accident on my behalf while I was trying to find Sergei Baltachas Ipswich programme where Elena Baltacha is rather joylessly photographed in a park as a wean is this amazing advert for Man Utds summer commercial operation. Yes, it wasn’t billion dollar deals back in 1991 for Man U – we’ve touched on Uniteds commercial progression before (you may remember the headsquares and the creepy lottery manager) but this is just excellent. A portakabin travelling around the country, a 24 page catalogue on the way and best of all the launch of Manchester Uniteds no doubt excellent cassingle “I’m So Excited It’s Man United”. Even as an afficionado of bad football records I was unaware of this one, and it’s amazing lyrics “”It’s Man United, I’m so excited! The reds are gonna score a goal, And I think I like it!”. You could also ponder the juxtaposition of the commercial juggernaut that is Manchester United hosting the communist juggernaut of the USSR, but that’d make your head hurt…


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