Great moments in Scottish Football – Klimek on a horse

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I’m sure many people have experienced that sinking feeling when your new super summer signing turns out to be rubbish. My first experience was with a tall robust striker called Steve Galloway who apparently was rattling in the goals for Djurgaardens, and turned out to be Djur rubbish…then there was Steve Kinsie (sic), a truly terrible striker in the Saints relegation campaign of 91/92. The nadir was him warming up at Brockville while wee weans asked him to get the players autographs but “make sure you don’t sign it”…however, the super soaraway Saints have never introduced their new signing by putting him on a horse. Step forward Arkaduiz Klimek, a signing from the Vlad era at Hearts, and apparently one of the worst players of all time. For reasons that are lost to time, big Arkaduiz (and how many times do you get to type that?) was introduced to the Jambos fans on a horse. They’d have been better off playing the horse up front…

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