Perestroika (and a wee Elena) comes to Portman Road

Date: 21/01/1989

Programme: Ipswich Town vs Stoke City

I saw this elsewhere online, but I wanted my own copy for the records and ended up paying probably too much on postage for it like an eedjit. Still, it’s not every day you can pick up a programme with a) an article about the first Soviet player to play in English football, b) a “fabulous football burd”, c) a future famous tennis player as a wee lassie in a parka and a pair of earmuffs, d) a future St Mirren player, e) a full reprint of a programme from 1939 and f) well that’s probably enough. We mentioned before about the CIS vs Argentina at Old Trafford and it’s odd juxtaposition of commerce and communism, but now let’s examine a quick double scan as Perestroika and a wee tiny Elena Baltacha comes all the way to Portman Road…





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