The legend of Tricia (our first hall of fame entrant)



Date: 28/09/1983

Programme: Aberdeen vs IA Akranes

You might remember some time ago we discussed this quite remarkable Aberdeen programme cover with a fabulous football “burd” and a very happy Gordon Strachan. We posted it as an apology after saying that Dundee United and Aberdeen might been the new firm but their programmes were very very boring – on further reflection, we were able to give Aberdeen a pass. After a cursory E-bay search I was able to find said programme, but alas it seemed we’d hit a brick wall finding out what was going on, as the programme had no further details. However, that wasn’t the end of the tale. It turns out thanks to Twitter user @Reaps11 that we can provide an explanation…



In addition to yet again bringing us that whole hand making Strachan happy interface a new angle, it turns out the lassie in question was called “Tricia” and she was hired by the players wives to sing them a telegram at the airport before they flew out to the Cup Winners Cup Final in Gothenburg. To which we are most happy to provide Tricia her moment, and the hope that one day she gets in touch with a full explanation…


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