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The $75000 World Cup of Soccer – 1985 (featuring Arsenal, Australia, Celtic and Red Star Belgrade)

The $200000 International Soccer Tournament – 1985 (featuring Australia, Tottenham, Udinese and Vasco Da Gama)


Programme Of The Day – Scotland vs East Germany 1990

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Although no doubt long forgotten as all “international friendlies” are, Scotlands 1-0 loss to the soon to be departed East Germany just before Italia 90 is still a semi famous game in our house. Mostly because it was on the nascent Sky Sports on delayed coverage and because I think England lost they got grumpy and forgot to do the “look away now” thing, thus ruining a nice night on the bevvy for my Dad and my cousin. This is also an oddly downbeat document – especially compared to some of our other World Cup send off programmes (especially the dreaded 78 ones). Would a good dose of Roxburgh pragmatism turn our fortunes around? Well know – but they did warn us about Cayasso in fairness…

The legend of Tricia (our first hall of fame entrant)



Date: 28/09/1983

Programme: Aberdeen vs IA Akranes

You might remember some time ago we discussed this quite remarkable Aberdeen programme cover with a fabulous football “burd” and a very happy Gordon Strachan. We posted it as an apology after saying that Dundee United and Aberdeen might been the new firm but their programmes were very very boring – on further reflection, we were able to give Aberdeen a pass. After a cursory E-bay search I was able to find said programme, but alas it seemed we’d hit a brick wall finding out what was going on, as the programme had no further details. However, that wasn’t the end of the tale. It turns out thanks to Twitter user @Reaps11 that we can provide an explanation…



In addition to yet again bringing us that whole hand making Strachan happy interface a new angle, it turns out the lassie in question was called “Tricia” and she was hired by the players wives to sing them a telegram at the airport before they flew out to the Cup Winners Cup Final in Gothenburg. To which we are most happy to provide Tricia her moment, and the hope that one day she gets in touch with a full explanation…

Great moments in Scottish Football – Klimek on a horse

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I’m sure many people have experienced that sinking feeling when your new super summer signing turns out to be rubbish. My first experience was with a tall robust striker called Steve Galloway who apparently was rattling in the goals for Djurgaardens, and turned out to be Djur rubbish…then there was Steve Kinsie (sic), a truly terrible striker in the Saints relegation campaign of 91/92. The nadir was him warming up at Brockville while wee weans asked him to get the players autographs but “make sure you don’t sign it”…however, the super soaraway Saints have never introduced their new signing by putting him on a horse. Step forward Arkaduiz Klimek, a signing from the Vlad era at Hearts, and apparently one of the worst players of all time. For reasons that are lost to time, big Arkaduiz (and how many times do you get to type that?) was introduced to the Jambos fans on a horse. They’d have been better off playing the horse up front…

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Jim Jefferies – and a lot of questions



This image from 1974 is certainly what we seek in a football image – a fabulous football “burd” (in this case, Miss Hearts 1974 Claire Rudnick) and some torturous football copy (another little “burd”) from the Daily Record…but we do have questions. Mostly, why is the image reversed (the reversal of the name on the ball is a giveaway)…and what is with the bold Jimbos hand? It’s disembodied – did they think no one would notice? Where was his hand initially…

Bobby Russell gets a kitchen….

Date: 16/04/1983

Programme: Rangers vs St Mirren (Scottish Cup Semi Final – 1983)

Charting St Mirrens many, many, many failures in the early 80s when it came to cup semi finals would take a blog in itself. We lost two Scottish Cup semi finals to Celtic and Aberdeen respectively after Billy Thomson made blunders and this one to The Rangers (possibly after a replay?) with a goal that didn’t go anywhere near crossing the line. Still, time has healed most wounds, and you can at least enjoy the fact we got some lovely days out and some nice programmes to look at. Interestingly, the programme from the ghost goal game is a bit of a fizzer, but you can enjoy this magical coming together of all the things we’ve talked out – burds, weans, footballers getting free tat, family snaps…right down the bottom of the page, you can enjoy presented without further comment the artwork that is Bobby Russell gets a kitchen….


Indoor League version 2.0

Date: 28/02/1978

Programme: Birmingham City vs West Brom

Most people my age have at the very least seen a clip of or heard about Yorkshire Televisions old show “Indoor League”, a show best described as “drab”, as people in brown drank pints of real ale, Fred Truman insinuated all people from the South were effeminate, and people played “real” games like bar billiards, shove ha’penny, or ladies darts. Well luckily, the era of drab indoor sports wasn’t confined to Yorkshire television, or indeed the mid 70s. Oh no, because in Birmingham, they turned over 2 pages of their programme to a report on the Skittles League. I think you’ll agree, the results, presented without further comment, are quite amazing…I normally hate the “uncategorized” category, but in this case…