Programme Of The Day – Dundee Utd vs Manchester Utd – 1984

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Your programme of the day comes to you from Tannadice Park, as Dundee United welcomed Manchester United for a UEFA cup tie. Couple of things for any young uns out there. There was a time when the UEFA Cup meant something, and yes, Dundee United had the 2nd leg advantage after a 2-2 draw at Old Trafford which ended for me not with the final whistle but with Hamish McAlpine making an alcoholic joke to Greavsie on Saint and Greavsie…Dundee as a city seemed to be thriving according to the programme. Projects, industry, Manchester United visiting, and a super up and coming Euro hotshot called Ralph Milne…


Auctionman 2 – The Legend Continues



Although like a lot of Scottish programmes of “the day” not containing enough images to justify a programme of the day, this classic advert from Clydebanks Premier League game against Celtic is well worth a post. Auctionman being an exciting summer signing for the Bankies, and obviously in no way is he based on Roy Of The Rovers, oh no no…also worth a post for some fantastic retro Clydebank tracksuits. Auction, Billy Connolly, Wet Wet Wet, Jim Fallon as Santa, the joint programme with the Saints…are Clydebank the “Coventry City” of Scottish Football, our favourite retro team? They would be, if I wasn’t still bitter about our 1990 Cup defeat…

Programme Of The Day – Birmingham vs Reading 1987


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Your programme of the day comes to you from the dying days of the 1986/7 season as relegation battlers Birmingham City and Reading faced off at St Andrews. The programme is dominated by the modelling debut of Noreen Campbell, the fresh faced young un having just been voted Miss Birmingham City 1987 – a prestigious title with a long lineage as we saw earlier. Of course Noreen was saddled with the unenviable task of making milk in a crate and a “new FSO car” look appealing…elsewhere meanwhile Ian Botham, John Conteh, Suzanne Dando and our old pal Dennis Waterman were part of the Walk For Life (the largest soccer peace event in history apparently). Also featured were youngsters Julian Dicks and Carlton Palmer, plus Primitives back up drummer Nicky Platnauer, and a quite terrifying of Tony Rees that looks like a crime scene drawing from a child witness…

Programme Of The Day – Celtic vs Falkirk (1995)

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Your programme of the day comes to you from Celtic vs Falkirk in 1995 – a game I vaguely remember attending simply because of Falkirks amazing mid 90s strip and because Mo Johnston was back at Parkhead. I think Celtic won 1-0 but obviously won nothing at the end of the season because, well, Andy Goram and all that…still it is worth remembering a time when Andy Thom, Stewart Kerr, Brian O’Neil and Simon Donnelly were part of the side that was going to overthrow Rangers dominance. Shout out too for the Celtic You’ve Been Hooped competition combining a TV pun with some of the most miserable looking people in the history of any football programme…

Programme Of The Day – Liverpool vs Club Brugge 1978



Todays programme of the day is a horrendous to scan look at the 78 European Cup Final between Liverpool and Club Brugge (featuring Russ Abbott apparently). ITV sport were plugging one hell of a retro panel for the World Cup, Liverpool still had industry, and the styling Liverpool fan of the era could not only get a Liverpool mirror but listen to the game on fine speakers, watch the film of the game on wax cylinder, and then enjoy the pre game entertainment of The Mancini March…it was, as they say, quite the night….

Programme Of The Day – Scotland vs East Germany 1990

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Although no doubt long forgotten as all “international friendlies” are, Scotlands 1-0 loss to the soon to be departed East Germany just before Italia 90 is still a semi famous game in our house. Mostly because it was on the nascent Sky Sports on delayed coverage and because I think England lost they got grumpy and forgot to do the “look away now” thing, thus ruining a nice night on the bevvy for my Dad and my cousin. This is also an oddly downbeat document – especially compared to some of our other World Cup send off programmes (especially the dreaded 78 ones). Would a good dose of Roxburgh pragmatism turn our fortunes around? Well know – but they did warn us about Cayasso in fairness…