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The $75000 World Cup of Soccer – 1985 (featuring Arsenal, Australia, Celtic and Red Star Belgrade)

The $200000 International Soccer Tournament – 1985 (featuring Australia, Tottenham, Udinese and Vasco Da Gama)


Programme of the Day – Rangers vs Steaua Bucharest 1988

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After yesterdays programme of the day saw a team at their worst, todays comes from a team at their best – yes, it’s Rangers in the 1/4 finals of the European Cup against Steaua (and Hagi) with Butch, Trevor Francis, and a visit from the bewigged pint pouring Sammy Baird. League champions, cash rich, this was Rangers on the upswing. With a VHS tape and a moody Graeme Roberts ad to show it. And to show it was very different days? “There’s no way Manchester United could compete with the vast resources of Rangers”…

Programme of the Day – West Ham vs QPR 1992

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It’s not all sunshine and light with our programme of the day today – West Hams “bond issue” scandal (remember that?) had death threats being issued to board members, warnings to attend the game safely, and the Hammers rock bottom of the league with returning hero “Ra Frankie Boy” in full colour glory on the cover in his ill fated post Celtic spell. However for our purposes, there’s plenty of entertainment on display. Geoff Hurst gets some windows, fashion statements from stars such as Bishop and Breacker, a lovely photo of “Mad Dog” and an invitation to the Grand Summer Ball…which hopefully went a little better than that Demba Ba one from a few years ago…

Programme Of the Day – Manchester United vs Videoton 1985

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Your programme of the day comes to you from the 1985 UEFA Cup 1/4 Final between Manchester United and Videoton. One round after one of our previous programmes where the Mancs played Dundee United, it’s worth noting that Videoton won the tie. The rest of the programme is a wonderful mix of Walkmans, Atkinson, pennants, gazelles, and one of my all time favourite retro shirts, the Videoton two tone sponsor…where that sponsor is Videoton. I always wanted to open a Video store in Irvine called Videoton, but that’s just me…now where’s that walkman…

Programme Of The Day – Southampton vs Spurs 1985

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Todays programme of the day comes from 1985 as Southampton welcomed Spurs to the Dell, and gave the programme over to mid 80s salad days Greavsie. This wasn’t any old era for Greavsie, but his TV-AM days when he got to pontificate on anything, leading him to campaign against repeats. And he’s on form with the predictions – “I don’t know what could happen” – that’s the spirit. Elsewhere, coming not long after Southampton lost 7-0 to Luton, spirits are raised by trophies shaped like spanners, Shilts mad dog, and a feature on the family enclosure…

Merchandise Catalogue of the Day – Spurs 89 Spring Catalogue

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Ah, now this….when I was a kid I spent some time at Fir Park in Motherwell (not by choice) and the local programme bemoaned the way Hibs and Hearts programmes were now A4, and then in a fit of “world gone mad innit” pique bemoaned not only were Tottenham charging 2 quid for a programme, it was not only A4, but it also had a merchandise catalogue in it! Imagine! Well a fair while later I did get one of these merchandise catalogues, and it’s a work of art that the grumpy Motherwell editor didn’t tell us about. For shame. Gazza, Waddle, and for no real reason, Ally McCoist…

Programme Of The Day – Sunderland vs Leeds 1976 – Bobby Kerrs Testimonial



Our programme of the day has had a familiar cover – from the moment I saw it the programme from Bobby Kerrs 1976 testimonial programme has been one of my must haves, containing an immortal 1970s cover and a gigantic amount of brown. In fact it could be the initial inspiration for this whole blog. So opening it up was always going to be something I got round to eventually. Luckily Bobby lived up to the billing of the cover, as he had the good sense to dress as a little general just for the purposes of this blog (probably). And there’s so much more – Brian Clough, inaccurate 1976 Cup Final ads, caravans, bikes, windmills…truly a magical wonderland…